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The most prevalent pest in Dubai that requires expert treatment is bed bugs. No one is aware of the cause why this problem is becoming worse every day. The most prevalent causes include the consequences of migration, inefficient pesticides, cheaper travel, central air conditioning, and climate change. Bed bugs are intended to spread illness rather than transmit disease as mosquitoes do. Because bed bugs bite to obtain blood for feeding, they are designed to infect, irritate, itch, and cause redness to the skin of their warm-blooded hosts, including people. If you are looking for a bed bugs control service near me, Eco Guardians can be a great help. Yes, we are a professional pest control company in the UAE providing effective pest control solutions. 

We provide our clients with quick and efficient solutions. Call us right away for assistance from experts if you believe bed bugs are present in your room and the area around it. Our professionals will organize an inspection and recommend the best course of action. After carefully inspecting your location, our specialists will provide a solution for you that takes into account the 

category, structure, and adjacent properties. The specialists will provide you with advice about the measures and remedies you should take to prevent bed buds in the future based on their assessment.

Verify a company’s licensure and years of expertise in pest control before employing them to provide bed bugs pest control services. At Eco Guardians, we have a team of experts with years of bed bug extermination experience and the highest level of client satisfaction in the business.

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Bed bugs Pest Control Services

Amazing Fact About Rodents:

The bed bug is a small, flat, oval-shaped insect and is parasitic in nature. They are usually nocturnal and feed on their hosts without being noticed. They have been known for thousands of years as human parasites, but not many people have seen them due to their small size. Bed bugs in Dubai have become a significant problem over the years. They have turned nights into nightmares to the region’s residents. Bed Bugs in Dubai can be found anywhere like offices, hotels, stores, cinemas, toilets gyms and can invade any place. They can hide in your baggage and other belongings to hitch a ride back to your home or apartment. Once inside, they can be extremely challenging to control without the help of an experienced and certified bed bug specialist. They are difficult to treat and easy to spread, thus resulting in the massive outbreak of these parasites.

If you have bed bugs in your house, get rid of bed bugs as early as possible because they can multiply rapidly. The more they increase, the more the frustration will increase of handling them. Besides the emotional stress and anxiety, their bites can also cause irritation and infection. They are usually found near the resting place of their hosts like beds and hence the name. Controlling or dealing with Bed Bugs is a very difficult task and stressful as well.

Eco Guardian provides the best bed bugs control with a warranty, can come to your rescue and help you in getting rid of these parasites and enforce that they don’t come again. We provide effective bed bugs control services in Dubai and in Sharjah also. We work on the agenda of providing relief to the clients besides exceeding their expectations. Furthermore, we use modern science and technology to test new and advanced products, so we can help to protect your home with the most actual plan. Likewise, we provide effective bed cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah.

Eco Guardian has had been controlling Bed Bugs in Dubai for many years now and delivered well on the customer needs because we understand how stressing and disturbing it is to deal with Bed Bugs. This experience of Dubai has equipped us to provide bed bugs control services in Sharjah also. We are on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Did You Know the facts about Bed bugs Pest Control

  • Bed Bugs can be used in forensic science. DNA from human blood can be recovered from Bed Bugs for up to 90 days, thus identifying whom they have fed.
  • Bed Bugs can live without a blood meal for more than 69 days for females while can survive even 90 days.
  • Each stage of bed bugs required a meal of blood before transferring from one stage to another stage.

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