Flea Treatments

Welcome to our professional flea treatment services in Dubai! We understand that fleas can be a frustrating and bothersome problem, not only for pets but also for homeowners. That’s why our experienced team of pest control experts is here to provide you with the best flea control solutions to eliminate fleas and prevent their recurrence.

Here’s an overview of our flea treatment services:

Comprehensive Inspection: Our flea treatment experts will conduct a thorough inspection of  your property to identify areas where fleas are present and assess the extent of the infestation. We will focus on areas where fleas are likely to hide, such as pet bedding, carpets, upholstery, and cracks and crevices. This allows us to develop a targeted treatment plan tailored to your specific flea control needs.

Best Flea Control Services in Dubai

To provide flee control for the home, the experts at Eco Guardians are resourced with high- quality flea treatment products. Also, they employ tried and tested methods for natural flea control at your home. The objective is to protect your property from future infestations.

Flea Treatments in Dubai

With our service, we guarantee effective flea control at home.
Risks of Fleas at Home
1. Flea Bites
Flea bites lead to red marks typically encircled by red rings. They can be intensely itchy and cause significant discomfort.
2. Pets Introducing Fleas Indoors
Pets carry fleas to the places they rest, like beds and furniture. If you’re snuggling with your pet, you might unknowingly bring fleas into your bedding.
3. Carpets and Furniture Infested with Fleas
Fleas lay around 50 eggs daily on your pets, and these eggs spread indoors as pets move around. Fleas tend to infest carpeted areas and upholstered furniture.
Flea Infestation without a Pet At Home

Many homeowners don’t believe this. But, unfortunately, your home can fall victim to flea infestations even without furry pets in charge. Fleas can enter your home through other pests like mice, rats, and even stray cats and dogs that frequent your porch, deck, or doors. If you spend time in a home with fleas, these resilient insects can latch onto your clothing and hitch a ride back to your place. Once you’re home, they settle in without hesitation.

This is why professional flea control for home is important even if you don’t have a pet. Flea can make space in your home with other alternative ways.

Tips for Flea Prevention at Home

Before you think about flea treatment at home, know the tips to prevent them. Not only do flea bites cause intense itching for both humans and animals, but they also pose a significant health risk due to the diseases they can transmit. It’s crucial to be aware that flea saliva can trigger allergic reactions in pets. Undoubtedly, flea control at home is essential. You can prevent these tiny pests from infiltrating your space by following a few simple guidelines:

 Avoid leaving pet food outdoors.
 Regularly vacuum your home.
 Wash pet bedding in hot water.
 Maintain trimmed grass and landscaping.
 Bathe your pets with flea shampoo regularly.

For the most effective protection against fleas, rely on the expertise of Eco Guardians professionals. Our natural flea control experts know precisely where to look in and around your home to comprehensively treat it for fleas.

Are you looking for flea treatments in Dubai? Search “flea control near me” online.

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Manzoor Ahmed FridiManzoor Ahmed Fridi
14:26 13 Jul 23
Great Service, professional team.Definitely recommend Deep cleaning and pest control services. Mr Mubashar is very polite and professional. His team is excellent in Deep Cleaning and Sofa Cleaning.
Dominique Anna KostkaDominique Anna Kostka
05:16 12 Jul 23
Just had my deep cleaning done after our house renovation. The team was super professional, took their time to really make everything spotless clean. Definitely can highly recommend them
sana mubasharsana mubashar
20:54 04 Jul 23
We're infested with fleas issue and continuous second follow up resolve issues , Proper vacuum follow steaming and spray and power application performed. Though not happy with timing as both time delayed 30 minutes each but happy with outcome.Much thank Eco Guardians team, best pest control services company in Dubai for sure!!! Highly recommended
Syed Zaman AliSyed Zaman Ali
18:15 04 Jul 23
Mubashar came on time, did service beyond and beyond the level which. I assume, make my villa fully cleaned as never been was expected.Villa was fully dusty and I got impressed and book full furniture clean of my apartment and pest control.For sure they have full range of home service, best cleaning company in Dubai
Arden RobertArden Robert
16:09 15 Feb 23
This is the 3rd time we have taking two services from eco guardians. I must say they have done an amazing job. Their pest control and deep cleaning team was so professional. I trust and recommended all of you to use eco guardians for your services they will assist you whatever you need for maintenance.
Athif rizwiAthif rizwi
11:19 14 Jun 22
Recently got window cleaning and Deep cleaning services of 5 bhk villa in Emirates hills, Really job executed within time, follow the safety measure and cleaning was more than my expectation. Highly recommended.. Eco guardians sure is best deep cleaning and window cleaning Company.
Helina BahruHelina Bahru
14:55 11 May 22
Living in deira areas in Partition, give many Pain but worse thing to have is bed bugs. I Tried many companies but some reduce again start over. last one year used 3 companies but none of them solve my issue. Just find them on google map and luckily this it was spot on.Amazing service , Best in methodology and cost at same time. No more bed bugs.highly recommended. This Eco Guardians best Bed bugs Control Company, specially best bed bugs Control company near me.
Atique JamalAtique Jamal
11:12 07 May 22
Eco Guardians pest control - Amazing Service Given By Shahbaz:)
Aman AtwalAman Atwal
05:31 06 May 22
Also did deep cleaning of villa very well.
Houston DouglasHouston Douglas
20:00 02 Mar 22
We had contacted Eco Guardians Pest Control to handle some locusts/moths/caterpillar issues in our garden and lawn and we are completely satisfied with their service and results. Their superior service, level of knowledge, professionalism, courtesy, commitment, and reasonable price is very note-worthy! We were walked through the complete details about the pest issue, were given additional advice, and solutions – both prior to and after the amazing service, with follow ups too. The whole interaction and experience was very positive, and the pest problem was addressed very well, and exceeded all our expectations. We highly recommend Eco Guardians Pest Control to anyone who is looking for a high-quality service. Thank you Eco Guardians for a job very well done!


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