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Occasional invaders are insects and arthropods that sporadically enter your home throughout the year. They typically live and reproduce outside but invade your home when indoor conditions are more accommodating. Their largest common problem is being a nuisance! They can bite, pinch, eat your houseplants, damage fabrics, cause stains and create foul odors.
● Pill bugs ● silverfish ● sow bugs● centipedes● crickets● earwigs● beetles● mites● millipedes
Keeping pests out is the first step to prevent occasional invaders. Caulking and sealing around entry points, such as windows and doors, is a great place to start. Inspect the leaves of houseplants for signs of infestation. And vacuum often. Did you know that dead bodies of insects attract other pests to feed on them, and the bodies, shed skin and secretions that can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma?

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