What are the Best Pest Control Price List in Dubai and Sharjah?

What are the Best Pest Control Price List in Dubai and Sharjah?

If you are encountering any Pest issue and Looking for Pest control services with reasonable Pest control Price list than few things important to consider. Selection of any Pest control Company with cost effective Pest control rates matter a lot. As we now Pest issue, like common pests’ cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rodents, and termites cause damage to your home and belongings, but they can also spread a lot of diseases and trigger allergies.

Pest invasion is also reason of spread of Epidemic as well. The simplest and best solution in order to control Pest is to hire and to book the right pest control services in Dubai. Cost of Pest control depending on types of pest either it is Flies, roaches, bed bugs, Termite or birds. Moreover also depends on level of infestation, areas size, location and client requirement like Pest control Treatment frequency. Depending on requirement, you can either opt for general pest control or treatments for specific pests. Pest Control charges list in Dubai and Sharjah will be provided by Eco Guardians will surely be useful in order to get Best Pest control Rate. If any is looking for cheap Pest Control Company in Dubai with standard services as well. Eco Guardians services will help you understand how much charges for Pest control services in Dubai are.

Elements that determine the cost of pest control service in Dubai: 

Size of your Premises:

Size of Premises act as key factor in order to determine the Charges for Pest control services in Dubai. Areas of house or villa directly related to chemical consumption, labor requirement and other resources requirement, base on it costing being set .As we know spot treatments are not very effective, the pest control services in Dubai, which you book through Eco Guardians will cover all areas which are either infested or which might have suspected infestation in future. So base on size of location charges varies higher the areas, more are the charges for Pest control services.

Type of pest control service:

Rates for Pest control services in Dubai also depend upon types of Pest control Treatment. Like General/move-in pest control services are cheaper then occupied .Pest control rates are more expensive for occupied than move in. Moreover Charges for each Pest control issue varies as each type of Pest control issue need different treatment and methodology. Pest control companies send different prices and quotation as Pest issue according to level of activity as well.

What client is looking for in a quote:

As discussed above it also depend on client requirement either if it is needed for Termite, fogging services, rodents, wasps, snakes, and spiders ,bed bugs or Pest control services. In Pest control industry usually rates are given base on chemical consumption, labor requirement and distance which need to cover. instead of giving you a flat hourly rate, the pest control company will send you a quote base non actual ground realities. Be sure if you are looking for Cheap Pest control company but standard need to be consider as well, as paying less while pest issue remain same will be waste of money , time and resources as well .Request free quotes from multiple companies as comparison of each can help you save money as well. Find cheapest control company near me with ease of mind. Another thing you should look for is that guarantee period that comes with the treatment as most of companies Providing 3 month Post warranty for any pest issue. One of most important thing is to consider DM Approved pest Control Company which is licensed which use ecofriendly, Dubai Municipality approved chemical. we at Eco Guardians committed to ensure Safety First.

Pest control Pricing also directly related to types of Treatment or methodology going to be used. Like, in some cases, multiple types of pest control treatment methods may be available to tackle the infestation like for cockroaches Gel application, residual spray treatment, Powder application and Trapping option available. On the other hand for flies, Rodents control services, Birds control ad bed bugs different chemical, method and treatment being used. So, the cost of Pest control services can also depend on the type of treatment, methodology, types of chemicals being used by the pest control company. 

Number of treatments:

we have to consider the reality we are pest control company not pest eradication company, so follow up after treatment may be needed. Pests can have immunity if they are used for multiple times. Therefore it is recommended to changes the chemical over the period of time. Having this reality intact, we need to accept that sometimes follow up or multiple pest control sessions may be required to fully eliminate the infestation you’re facing. Pest control companies may consider this while costing as sometime thy have to come for call back which usually free of cost and some cases services charges only costed.

One of most important which need to be consider while costing is actual situation of premise in terms level of Pest activity. In some cases, pest control companies do inspection for areas especially restaurant, factories and other food carrying areas so actual premises detail can be gathered and proper pricing can be quoted. For example, in case you are facing a termite infestation I a villa, than actual areas, level of damage, and estimate about chemical consumptions will be estimated than accordingly quote can be submitted. Therefore while accessing the areas relating Pest activity and level of infestation becomes crucial.

Pest control Price List for General pest control Services:

Base on mentioned factors illustrated above any Pest control company in Dubai has established some special rates. Therefore each company has fixed rate list for all location as per size of apartment while other factor like distance need to cover, level of activity, type of treatment already cost in for mentioned below Pest control price list . This list Provide complete idea about Pest control cost and charges.

  • Studio: AED 150 + VAT
  • One-bedroom apartment: AED 190 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom apartment: AED 229 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom apartment: AED 249 + VAT
  •  Four-bedroom apartment: AED 259 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom apartment: AED 325 + VAT
  • One-bedroom villa: AED 250 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom villa: AED 275 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom villa: AED 300 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom villa: AED 350 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom villa: AED 400+ VAT

Cockroaches, Bed bugs and Flies Treatment

If Pest are spotted around you and you are looking for cheap Pest Control Company with quality services. Then, Eco Guardians comes first in customer mind. We are professional pest control service company and proving Pest control Services to number of client either residential or commercial clients. If you are looking to book a treatment for specific pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, and ants, the cost of Pest control services will be lower than other competitors.

  •  Studio: AED 129 + VAT
  • One-bedroom apartment: AED 149 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom apartment: AED 169 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom apartment: AED 200 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom apartment: AED 219 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom apartment: AED 269 + VAT
  • One-bedroom villa: AED 200 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom villa: AED 219 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom villa: AED 249 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom villa: AED 300 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom villa: AED 350 + VAT

Rodents and Termites:

Rodent and Termite can produce more damage home and related structure as compared to other Pest. Moreover, it also Produce and spread epidemic disease. They are far advance in breeding and harbor as they are social animal in nature. Danger associated with not only to damage while also can cause compete destruction. AS we know rats and mice can even cause fires by chewing electrical wires? If you are facing one of these pest issues and looking for cheap Pest Control Company, Eco Guardians soldiers are here to serve you with full devotions.

  •  Rodent Control services without Rodent Bait stations: Services start as 150 AED +VAT
  •  Rodent Control Services with Rodent Bait station service start at 225 AED+ VAT

Termite Treatment Cost in Dubai: 

The average cost for termite treatment is usually around 500 AED, while it can be higher than 10000 AED and sometime if Spot treatment it could be as low as 50AED. Usually Post construction Termite treatment is around 50 AED per Drill while for Pre construction it is around 4AED per Liner Meter.

Bird Control Services and Charges:

Are you very annoyed with birds like pigeons (doves) in your house? Are birds making damages to your property? If yes then your need professional bird control services. We provide bird (pigeon) control services in Dubai and Sharjah with affordable rates.

List of Bird Control Charges in Dubai and Sharjah

Solution & Services                                                                     Estimated Price 

Bird Spikes                                                                                      Starting at AED 10 per Square Meter

Bird Protection Net                                                                         Starting at AED 20 per Square Meter

Bird Repellent                                                                                  Price will be given upon inspection

How Much Time required for pest control treatment? 

Areas of any premises ac as pre requisite in order to determine the Pest control services cost and charges. Finding the Pest control Price List is not as essay as each company set different rates. Eco Guardians charges for Pest control services is complete guideline for customer as it created base in comparative analysis of market and companies. Therefore wastage of tie for finding Best Pest control along the cheap in Pest control services becomes essay. Depends on the type of pest control service as well as the size of your house. Typically Move in Pest control services usually takes 45 minutes as compared to occupied because of infestation and occupation it sometime taking 2 Hours as well.

How often do you need pest control in Dubai? 

Frequency of Pest control services also need to be considered before setting up and looking for charges for Pest control as normal charges for Pest control are usually higher than routine contract. As if Know each company set AMC contract which have Quarterly treatment in year for Non beverages industry like offices, retail and building common areas. On the other hand each F&B needed bimonthly treatment as Dubai Municipality recommendations. Normally having Annual Maintenance contract for pest control services is quite beneficial for client as follow are free and they get much discounted prices. After all, prevention is better than cure. It’s recommended that a preventive pest control treatment should be booked at least thrice a every year with a follow up treatment a couple of months later. 

Eco Guardians pest control is fully licensed Pest Control Company approved from Dubai Municipality, Our Eco Soldiers providing professional Pest control services with complete Piece of mind. We at Eco Guardians providing best pest control charges which are affordable. Additional benefit of getting pest control services in Dubai through Eco Guardians that we Provide 3-month guarantee period for the treatment, which means any Pest issue in these three month are free of cost.