How to control Bed Bugs in Dubai with only one Regular Treatment, A complete Guidelines for Professional.

How to control Bed Bugs in Dubai with only one Regular Treatment, A complete Guidelines for Professional.

Having Bed bugs in premises either home, office or commercial areas really create serious mental and physical discomfort, for proper bed bug control company in Dubai needed.

A professional Bed bugs exterminators’ company will control the pest issue with proper pest management programs and procedure. Bed Bugs are hard to control as compared to other pest issue like roaches, flies, ants, and rodent. As these insects are minute in size, in addition they reproduce in number and their life cycles fast, they tend to produce 150 above eggs in single life cycle and their young one so on.

Further to this they are marvelous in term of survival and harborage capacity. Bed Bugs keep on hiding in places like mattresses, bed frames, storage boxes, and cervices, furniture joint and other potential areas where they can lay eggs and undisturbed for longer period. To develop themselves and change from one nymph stage to other they need blood to suck from humans. They suck blood from human body three times if their size and then excrete waste on clothes and other harbor areas.

These bugs are so quick even they dint have wings moreover there sticking capacity is something amazing. Due to this catching them is a very hard task to do. Different companies having different ways to control bed bugs. Some companies use natural way for bed bugs control while some use combination of natural and chemical control for bed bugs eradications. The Best Bed Bugs control companies use three strategies at same time, to control bed bugs issue in single regular treatment. Having only pillaring Powder or any silica base powder will never solve bed bugs issue, for better control and proper eradication, you have to book professional pest Control Company in Dubai.

Let’s begin with the ways we can get rid of these bed bugs very fast in sing bed bugs control treatment only! Here are three different ways for Bed bugs control in any infested Premises.

Ø  Natural way to control bed bugs:

1:Steaming the infested and suspected areas!

Since the modernization came in now all filed a day’s modern and professional pest Control Company in Dubai using steaming the surface. Steaming is carried where bed bugs adult or eggs are deposited where they are harborage for most of time. It is considered one of fastest ways control the bed bugs around you. A high-heat steamer can be very effective for bed bugs control for any stage of bed bugs but at the same time is dangerous as it can cause furniture decolonization as well.

Using Steam for bed bugs will surely kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. As we know Bed bugs cannot withstand the high heat, any Temperature above 100c of a steamer. At the meantime having good steamer can cost a lot, here is solution buying a steamer on rent will be best option for bed bug’s control. Bed bugs are usually harbor themselves in crack and cervices of furniture and joint of wall, especially around bed matters and covering sheet. All these are infestation can be control if Bed bugs exterminators company use heat teamer in effective way but also keep this in mind it should harm the material, clothes, furniture and humans skins as well.

2:Proper proofing and storage is key requirement for Bed Bugs control in Dubai!

Harborage areas like small gaps, cracks crevices around the bed or around the suspected areas has high potential for bed bugs breeding and harborage. Bed bugs has immense potential to bear the drought, they can survive even 69 to 94 days without feeding on blood. It means they tend to hide themselves unless blood source is nearby. Therefore, proper proofing is recommended for best bed bugs control. Further to this, secondly proper storage also plays important role for bed bug’s control. Therefore, small things around you such as newspapers, magazines, old clothe, old items need to be removed at once. The more items you can eliminate around you, the less places will be left for bed bugs to hide. Interestingly bed bugs are not only attracted to blood, but also strong attraction for temperature, and carbon Dioxide, provision of both also help them to breed in numbers. So, if anyone looking for proper eradication of bed bugs than proper proofing and handsome storage practices need to be adopted as mentioned above”.in case if you re encountering sever bed bugs infestation better to call Best bed bugs pest control in company in Dubai. Playing around by yourself can damage as well, it may increase the infestation which even difficult to control in complete way. As we know Master of all is master of none, so leave this Eco Guardians Professional and rest assured with hundred percent customer satisfaction.

3:Vacuum cleaning considered as best for all Pest control issue:

One of Best method which is used for any best bed bugs control companies is vacuum cleaning. Truly professional Pest control following IMP measure and vacuum cleaning considered as back bone integrated pest management. Vacuums cleaning not only control the bed bugs issue while it is best for all types of pests at same time. As mentioned earlier even proper chemical control if effecting still removing the eggs is priority as eggs are covered in shell and chemical does not affect on them. Vacuum comes up with a filter that helps to suck these bugs, nymphs, and eggs. While using vacuum we need to check it is working in properly and high potential areas are being vacuums. Keep vacuuming and get rid of these bugs hidden in every edge and corner, it must be guaranteed that none of areas untreated. After you are finished vacuuming, we should make sure filter is clearly cleaning and washed with soapy water and properly dried after.

4:Proper Ventilation and Sanitization key to success for bed Bugs Control in Dubai!

Infestation of bed bug in Dubai can cause serious discomfort as it propagated with Dubai living style. Majority of accommodate congested with population, dark and humid inside areas, poor cleaning, and proofing. All these mentioned issue are key reason for bed bugs infestation, therefore before hiring bed bugs control company we need to make sure areas fully cleaned, room are properly ventilated, everything is properly arranged. Having said situation will make bed bugs treatment more effective and result will be effective and long lasting.

5:Proper Checking of consignment coming over.

Bed bugs are considered hitch keeper, which tend move from one place to other through consignment. For natural way to control bed bugs we must should cross check all consignment and belonging which carrying over from one person to other, either through luggage, used furniture, clothes or any other related source.

6:Routine Inspection of Professional from Bed bugs control companies in Dubai.

In Dubai before they take over the premises with bed bugs infestation.  We must do regular inspection which should be carried by professional which are approved from Dubai Municipality. Clients should give access to the bed bug control professional’s full co-operation and make sure to let them have access to walls, areas, closets, and the furniture in your house. We should not wait for the problem while should take over before it raises.  Like any other Pest, bed bugs have symptoms which are like blood marks, eggs, adult visual or sign of attack on human skin. Base on its proper treatment and methodology should be arranged and it should be control before it takes over. Hiring Best Bed bug control companies need proper support from client side as well.

Hope so following these steps you can control bed bugs in natural way? Still if problem persist Contact Bed bug control company in Dubai. We will be happy to help you!

Ø  Chemical Control Measure for Bed Bugs:

1: Residual Spray Treatment for Bed bugs Control.

Keeping the reality intact that bed bugs have increased their resistance to pesticides, and they are getting stronger each day, alongside their increase in numbers. Chemical treatments are still an important part of any eradication strategy, and it is performed in many ways either spray, fogging, Powder treatment. Usually, Residual spray treatment of pyrethrin’s and pyrethroids along synergist giving best result, while in case if sever infestation pillaring Powder also giving result. Using powder make sure areas is not wet and it is used where chills and Pet has no access otherwise it can cause serious health concern.

Before Closing the Guideline, some interesting Factors need to consider which may surprise you.

  •  Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, Bed bugs has 5 nymph stages and each needed blood to move from one stage to another.
  • As humans, we are ideal hosts for bed bugs and majority of bed bugs feed on human, they can feed three time of their body size.
  •  Bed bugs are so called because of their preferred habitat in human homes: sofas, bed mattresses, etc.
  • Most bed bugs feed on their hosts while they are asleep, small nymph can suck blood in 15 second and while adult may take more
  • Feeding takes about five minutes, after which the bug returns to its hiding place.
  •  A female bed bug lays approximately 5 eggs in one day and about 500 during her lifetime.
  • Female can survive without blood for 94 days while can live up to 69 days.
  •  They are strong attraction towards blood, Carbon dioxide and temperature, each cm they can detect 1c change in temperature.
  • Unlike flea bites, bed bug bites don't have a red dot in the center.
  •  Bed bugs tend to bite in rows. You will likely see two or three bites all in a row.
  • Bed bugs are not easy to eradicate. It is advisable to hire a professional in pest control.
  • Bed bugs can live up to 194 days while female can live more than 224 days.
  •  Bed bugs are having incomplete life cycle as they don’t have larvae and pupa stage in their life cycle.