Are Termites Getting Out Of Control? Get Professional Help from Termite Control Comapnies Near you

Are Termites Getting Out Of Control? Get Professional Help from Termite Control Comapnies Near you

How to control termites?

●       Moisture is the home to many pests including termites. Try keeping a minimum amount of moisture indoors. You can use dehumidifiers or air conditioners for that purpose.

●       Check for leaks now and then. Moisture-laden walls and decayed roofs act as a perfect host of termites.

●       Declutter your house once in a while. Pay close attention to useless cardboard, papers, newspapers, and old magazines since these are great places for pests like termites to party.

●       Use borate for wood priming or painting. Borate is a popular termite repellent. It will soak well into the woods and prevent any termite from attacking and nibbling on it. 

●       If you see any infected area, make sure to expose it to direct sunlight. Sunlight can help get rid of the termites without any fuss.

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How to get rid of termites?

Getting rid of termites isn’t as difficult as it seems. Following are a few ways that can help:

●       Termites often stay in moist dark conditions, and thus they can not stand the sunlight or direct heat. Keep the infected furniture in the sunlight, they will die off.

●       By using cardboard, you can attract hundreds of termites. Cardboard has a woody smell that can drive the termites nuts. Make a cardboard trap and wait for it to fill up. You can dispose of it by burning the box.

●       Make some boric acid solution by mixing the borax powder with water and spray on the affected area. Only after a few applications of the solution, the termites will start disappearing.

●       Orange and neem oils are effective as well. Spray or pour the oil into the infected area, and you will get the desired results.

●       The most basic solution is distancing the soil and wood. Build your lawn or garden a little far away from your home. There should be at least a distance of 18 inches between the garden area and foundation.

How much is termite control effective?

The termite control is quite effective. Once the termiticide is injected into the ground, it forms a protective barrier between the soil and the building structure. This barrier does not lead any termite to pass through. 

What are the early signs of termites?

●       Stuck windows or doors

●       Damaged wallpapers or paint

●       Discarded wings and termite swarmers

●       Termite droppings

If you are seeing these signs, then you must immediately take precautions. If you want to seek professional help, you can get contact details by clicking on termite control near me.